ESEI Distinguished Lecture, Jenny Regan: Entrepreneurship as a Woman Engineer

Thursday, November 2, 2017 - 6:00pm to 7:30pm

This Fall, Lehigh's Energy Systems Engineering Institute Distinguished Lecture Series features Jenny Regan, CEO of Key Tech, a technology development firm she co-founded in 1998 in Baltimore. In her talk, hear tales from the life and the engineering business of a successful woman entrepreneur. In today’s tech-driven world, women entrepreneurs are playing an increasingly vital role. Women-led companies have become an important part of the global business environment and recent research has shown that women-led companies succeed at a higher rate than men-led companies. Therefore it’s very important for sustained economic development that women continue to start and grow successful companies. Men and women attendees will benefit from hearing lessons and advice about starting and growing a technology services company, and observations about the many startup technology product companies that have been clients of Key Tech’s. Learn what works. Regan is a registered Professional Engineer holding a BS in Physics and a BS in Mechanical Engineering. Prior to Key Tech, she consulted to global power industry clients for 14 years at MPR Associates in DC and at Corey Regan Inc., which she also co-founded. She holds patents and has published papers on flow measurement and precision instrumentation design in proceedings of the Instrument Society of America, the American Nuclear Society, and the ASME. 

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Location: Lehigh University, STEPS Building Rm 101

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