LU-WISE September 6- Welcome & ABOUT ADVANCE

Thursday, September 6, 2018 - 12:00pm to 1:30pm

ADVANCE LU-WISE, our community of learning and support accross academic departments for all ranks and categories of faculty who identify as women in STEM (plus affiliates) is happy to provide our LU-Women in Science & Engineering Series for AY18-19 on the dates below. Graduate students may attend when noted. We may add other dates if interest supports this. Lunch is provided and RSVP is necessary for accurate food and space accommodations. Fall 2018 will be in UC409. 

  • September 6- Location UC 409 LU-WISE Welcome, what is ADVANCE & resources, semester planning
  • September 14Location UC 409  LU-WISE topic 1 TBD
  • October 11- Location UC 409  LU-WISE topic 2 with Men allies & Advocates welcoming candidates to campus, conversation with men and women faculty, who is interested in joining this mini team and what's involved with meeting candidates for 'about Lehigh/neutral interview session'
  • TBD week of October 23rd Ada Lovelace day/Chemistry Mole Day independent activity: women scientists & engineers you should know/we admire
  • November 15Location UC 409 LU-WISE topic 3 What our Department Chairs Need to Know
  • December 11Location UC 409 LU-WISE topic 4 metooSTEM & bystander intervention strategies
  • January 24-LU-WISE topic 5 outcomes from service summit
  • February 22-LU-WISE topic 6 Race in STEM, ADVANCE & FSCN
  • March 2- LU-WISE topic 7 TBD
  • April 19- LU-WISE topic 8 TBD (possibly 'Out in STEM')
  • May 10- LU-WISE topic 9 -TBD  AY wrap up

Topics for Consideration when TBD is listed: these will be decided by surveying our faculty women in the LU-WISE list

  • Handling rejection from journals - co create tips/approaches (mini workshop)
  • Women Experts in the Press (understanding how, why, and when to respond to media requests and/or offer your expertise to the press) Lori Friedman, Jeremy Littau, Kate Bullard)?
  • Navigating Power and Politics
  • Out in STEM
  • Self Promotion
  • Understanding & Overcoming Imposter Syndrome
  • Taking Charge for Change
  • Other topics may be considered, added or replaced