Leadership Development Proposal

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The Leadership Development Proposal proved to be a successful initiative. Lehigh was funded to improve and adapt this program while implementing it across a network of Patriot League institutions. Read more about the initiative here: http://www1.lehigh.edu/news/lehigh-receives-second-advance-grant. If you are a participant in the 2016-2017 program, please visit the MAPWISELY pages. 


All recently tenured and promoted women associate professors (first three years) and STEM women in years four and five are elligible to submit a Leadership Development Proposal.

A two page proposal should include:

  • Who you have chosen as a mentor and why
  • Your leadership plan and activities (and expected outcomes) over a 1-2 year period that support this plan
  • Describe how your budget is adequate to execute proposed activities
  • Explain your plans to secure complementary funds to support your plan (if necessary)
  • The mentor(s) signature should endorse the proposal.

Each proposal can qualify for $3000 per year for up to two years during this pilot program.  These funds are not intended to replace other opportunities available through departments, colleges, the university, or external programs, but rather to provide the means to deliberately develop a robust plan towards promotion to full professor that directly addresses leadership and will be supported by the institution.

Proposals should be submitted to Janele Krzywicki (jak511@lehigh.edu)

Funds can be used for travel, conference registration, equipment, or applied in many creative ways.  However, funds may not be used for paying compensation for another scholar or yourself. For example, fundable proposals may include networking or training opportunitites to increase your reputation and impact while remaining focused on your long term plans.