MAPWISELY Cohort 2 information

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Newly tenured associate professor women in STEM in participating institutions were invited by an academic official on their campus to be part of the MAPWISELY project. The second cohort of faculty will complete the following: 

1) identify a faculty member from within their institution to serve as a mentor, with consultation of the department chair.

2) complete a Password Protected Baseline Survey to gain insight into the culture and climate perceptions of the home instiuttion, mentoring, and preparation for promotion to full professor. This is due by October 4th so the aggregated information can be used in the design of materials. 

3) work with their mentors to design and submit a Faculty Success Plan (FSP) to gain traction on the path to full professor (submit by October 15, 2017).

4) meet  on November 2-3, 2017  for a face-face leadership and networking conference at Lehigh University. Registration and housing information will be online. 

In between the face-face meetings, mentees will participate in webinars to enhance skill sets and create accountability and community. Mentors will have their own learning community. 

MAPWISEly Fall 2017 Conference Agenda Sketch

November 2, 2017- Check In Comfort Suites University  (Bethlehem, PA). 

6:30-8:00-----Networking Dinner, location TBC

November 3, 2017-  Lehigh University, Location TBC- event will be between 8-4; Goal is to deliver meaningful workshop/discussion sessions and provide ample time for networking across the group members. 

8:00-8:30-----Transfers, Parking and Arrival at Linderman Library

8:30-9:15-----Breakfast, Welcome, Overview of MAPWISEly

9:15-10:30----Session 1- Being Strategic, Long View (tent)

10:30-10:50---Networking Break

10:50-12:15---Session 2- Revising Grants (tent)

12:15-1:00----Working Lunch

1:00-3:00------Session 3- Self-Promotion/Networking (tent)

3:00-3:30---Networking Break

3:30-3:45----Closing Remarks