Speaking Up to Bias- Faculty Session

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Event Date: 
Thursday, February 29, 2024 - 12:00pm to 3:30pm
HST 3rd Floor


Join us for an engaging interactive session to dive deeper into speaking up to every day bias moments which faculty encounter. 

Speaking Up workshops are based on the science of witnessing and responding to bias. Professional improvisational actors model a range of common workplace biases. Speaking Up participants experience these moments as a bystander would and interact directly with the characters to question and explore moments of bias through active discussion. Experienced and expert co-facilitators foster understanding of how perception, identity, and prior experience can shape bystander reactions, including whether people speak up.  Visit speakingupworkshop.com for more information


Past attendees agree/strongly agree:

  • I feel better prepared to engage in conversations about reducing bias on our campus, ~97%.

  • I am more likely to speak up using one or more of the strategies provided at the workshop, ~90%.

  • I believe there are other people on campus who agree that speaking up to bias is acceptable., ~95%.