Who are Participating Advocates and Allies Male Allies?

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2018-2019 ADVOCATES

William Bulman, History

Kwame Essien,  History and Africana Studies

James Gilchrist, Chemical Engineering

Jeff Heflin, Computer Science and Engineering

Garth Isaak, Mathematics

Hartley Lachter, Religion Studies

Will Lowry, Theatre

Joseph Manzo, Accounting 

Augustine Ripa, TheatreSecretary,

Michael Stavola, Physics, Coordinator

Additional Advocates joining April 2019: 

Ivan Biaggio, Physics

Mark Erle, Computer Science and Engineering

Wei-Min Huang, Mathematics

Gordon Moskowitz, Psychology

Greg Skutches, Writing Across Curriculum

Damien Thevenin, Chemistry

Kemal Tuzla, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering


The faculty below attended a Men Allies for Gender Equity workshop and agreed to be named as Allies. * indicates attended April 2019 program

Floyd Beachum, EDU

Rick Blum, ECE

Ward Cates, EDU

Patrick Connolly, PHIL*

Don Davis, MATH*

Panayiotis (Panos) Diplas, CEE

James Gilchrist, CHEM E

Andrew Harder, MATH*

Wei-Min Huang, MATH

Garth Isaak, MATH

Ken Kodama, EES

Jerome Licini, PHYS*

Vince Munley, ECO

Rob Neel, MATH*

John Ochs, MEM (retired)

Henry Odi

Padraig O'Seaghdha, PSYCH

Tommy Pashuch, BIOE*

Siddha Pimputkar, MSE*

Josh Pepper, PHYS*

Stephen Peters, EES

Augustine Ripa, THEATER

Jim Roberts, CHEM*

Nicholas Strandwitz, MSE*

John Spletzer, CSE

Michael Spear, CSE

Gregory Tonkay, ISE

David Zappulla, BIOS*