Statement on Sexual Harassment and Misconduct

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In light of the sexual harassment and misconduct incidents and allegations that have arisen at Lehigh and nationally in recent months, the Lehigh ADVANCE Men Advocates and Allies reaffirm our commitment to promote an equitable and inclusive environment at Lehigh University.  We encourage the further development of best practices at Lehigh to address cases of sexual harassment and misconduct when they do occur and for supporting those who come forward.  We hope that all members of the Lehigh community will commit to building and maintaining an environment that is free of discrimination and all forms of harassment or misconduct that negatively affect any member of our community.

The list of faculty endorsing this statement is below.

For faculty, all genders, all titles, wishing to also pledge their endorsement and have their name added to the list, please contact Michael Stavola, Advocate & Ally Coordinator (until we obtain self-signing functionality). 

Hugo Ceron Anaya

Santiago Herrera

Gene Perla

Eric Baumer

Wie-Min Huang

Steve Peters

Floyd Beachum

John Huennekens

Siddha Pimputkar

Ivan Biaggio

Garth Isaak

Janos D. Pinter

Rick Blum

Anand Jagota

Spencer Quiel

Luis Brunstein

Himanshu Jain

Sheldon Radin (retired)

William Bulman

Justin Jaworski

Augustine Ripa

Christopher Burke

David Johnson

Jim Roberts

Michael Burger

JHyun-Tae Jung

Dork Sahagian

Matthew Bush

Jacob Kazakia

Paul Salerni

Huai-Dong Cao

Kenneth Kodama

Heibatollah Sami

David Casagrande

Mayuresh Kothare

Michael Santoro

Tom Chen

Hartley Lachter

Roger Simon

Patrick Connolly

Jerome Licini

Siva Sivakumar

Don Davis

Jeremy Littau

Greg Skutches

Brian Davison

Daniel Lopresti

Lawrence Snyder

Gary DeLeo

William Lowry

Michael Spear

Volkmar Dierolf

Joseph Manzo

John Spletzer

Panos Diplas

Charalambos Marangos

Michael Stavola

Kwame Essien

Ozias Moore

Nicolas Strandwitz

Benjamin Felzer

Keith Moored

Lloyd Steffen

Robert Flowers

Gordon Moskowitz

Muhannad Suleiman

James Gilchrist

Vincent Munley

Damien Thevenin

Michael Gill

Ziad Munson

Robert Thornton

Vince Grassi

Terrence Napier

Greg Tonkay

Gary Harlow

Rob Neel

Kemal Tuzla

Martin Harmer

Henry Odi

Edmund Webb

Terry Hart

Padraig O’Seaghdha

Cameron Wesson

Miltos Hatalis

Mark Ouellette

Bill Whitney

Jeff Heflin

Dominic Packer

Peter Zeitler

Ned Heindel

Raymond Pearson


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