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Lehigh University will disseminate methods for creating, maintaining, and supporting a critical mass of women in engineering and the sciences in an interdisciplinary environment.
Strategies for Dissemination

  1. Lehigh ADVANCE website to highlight ADVANCE program activities, reports, research publications, and achievements of Lehigh and regional STEM women; Lehigh online toolkits on interdisciplinary mentoring, evaluation, and faculty searches; open access information to facilitate interdisciplinary collaboration.
  2. Workshops, online toolkits, and brochures on best practices in interdisciplinary mentoring and evaluation developed through leadership and retention interviews and research.
  3. Presentations at interdisciplinary and disciplinary conferences and workshops and conferences in STEM fields.
  4. Publications of the social science research in peer-reviewed journals.
  5. Best practices workshops on interdisciplinary mentoring and evaluation at Lehigh in year four.
  6. Programs on career advancement for women STEM faculty, post doctoral scholars, and doctoral students and Lehigh (years 3 and 5).
  7. Correspondence and networking with administrators and interested faculty at peer institutions regarding our ADVANCE program and findings about gender and interdisciplinary collaboration.