LU-WISE: Women in Science & Engineering

Mentor, Network, Collaborate at Lehigh and beyond.

As a recipient of an NSF ADVANCE-IT Grant, Lehigh ADVANCE is building within the University structure new opportunities for women faculty in science and engineering to mentor and network with other women scholars within Lehigh and with neighboring institutions. Lehigh’s geographical location and size offer the opportunity to serve as a model for other small to mid-sized universities by creating a regional network with surrounding academic institutions.

Lehigh ADVANCE formed a Lehigh University “Women in Science and Engineering, WISE” group in Spring 2011. LU-WISE aims to build community by creating a friendly atmosphere to enable participants to learn about one another and to participate in formal and informal dialogue on various issues at numerous opportunities throughout the life of the grant.

An inter-locking group of activities are designed to address the issues important to LU-WISE.

We will cultivate the Lehigh relationships and begin working with the Lehigh Valley Association of Independent Colleges (LVAIC) to create a regional Women in Science and Engineering Network, which will give women STEM faculty in the Lehigh Valley region the opportunity to review each other’s work, invite speakers, and participate in panels on career development in teaching and academic research.

In Fall 2011, an open access database, I-WISEN: Interdisciplinary WISE Network, will be made available for users on this website to search for potential collaborators or intersecting areas of interdisciplinary work. Populated by the women STEM faculty of Lehigh University for the initial phase (through the Faculty Roster Database), we aim to expand the records to include STEM women from the LVAIC network.

Useful Links
A wealth of resources exist outside of Lehigh University to strengthen your networks.

Check back for announcements about future LU-WISE events.