2010-2016 Goals and Initiatives

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The overarching goals of the grant were to:

  • transform Lehigh through improved recruitment, retention, career satisfaction and leadership development of early- to mid-career women faculty in STEM.
  • contribute to the national dialogue and social science scholarship by examining if interdisciplinary organization can create a critical mass and more equitable work environment for women STEM faculty if facilitated by vigorous search strategies, proactive evaluation policies, and mentoring and networking programs geared to interdisciplinary research and teaching.

The proposal included the following core initiatives

  1. Increase numbers of women STEM faculty through improved recruitment and retention.
  2. Support advancement of women STEM faculty to tenure, promotion, and leadership positions.
  3. Contribute to Social Science scholarship by examining interdisciplinarity as a strategy.
  4. Institutionalize successful policies and programs developed by Lehigh ADVANCE in collaboration with Lehigh faculty and administrators to promote institutional transformation.
  5. Engage national dialogue on gender and interdisciplinarity through dissemination of work at Lehigh through a variety of outlets.

The funded 2010 full proposal is available for download.

Original Lehigh ADVANCE Brochure