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Lehigh ADVANCE will contribute to effective policies and programs for institutional transformation.


Lehigh University aims to sustain successful activities beyond the term of the NSF grant period by integrating such policies and programs into departmental and interdisciplinary structures. Activities are likely to include:

  1. Recruitment strategies
  2. Interdisciplinary networking committees
  3. Retention Interviews
  4. Revised evaluation policies and practices
  5. Open access initiative through ADVANCE website
  6. Workshops and seminars for mentors, evaluators, and women STEM faculty and scholars
  7. Women in Science and Engineering regional seminar


  1. Commitment by Lehigh faculty and administration to pursue activities that successfully support the goals of Lehigh ADVANCE
  2. Policies, organizational structure, and budget to sustain these activities after the five-year period as the Lehigh ADVANCE Center for Women STEM Faculty.
  3. Increased the number of STEM faculty women by 53%.