ADVANCE 2016-2019

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This post-award period saw ADVANCE at Lehigh find its position within the Provost office evolve alongside an institutional reorganization and recommittment towards inclusion and equity, through the creation of the Office of Diversity, Inclusion and Equity and the appointment of Lehigh's first Vice President for Equity and Community, Dr. Donald Outing

The Grant office became the Center for Women STEM Faculty. The programs continued around the following key goals: 

1. Support Women STEM Faculty, including new grant to mentor mid-career women. 

2. Recruitment Best Practices Education

3. Support the mentoring of new faculty through the INC program.

4. Explore Service and Promotion best practice to support future changes to policies (host a national meeting on this topic)

5. Be a resource for faculty department chairs and deans on issues related to gender equity in STEM

Major accomplishments include: 

  • Establishing a standard to continue recruitment education.
  • Established practice to invite faculty candidates to meet about University life and resources to support equity and community
  • Bias Bystander Intervention training, which is now an integrated feature in staff professional development
  • STEM Women community sustained
  • Partnerships with Office of Research enhanced
  • Provided department chairs data and suggestions on concrete steps to continue developing inclusive department culture
  • Summit on Faculty Service and Engagement brought to light new best practices
  • Piloted a Women's Leadership Series with the Center for Gender Equity
  • Advocated for the newly formed Faculty Senate to examine policies and language around accountabilities for improving diversity and equity
  • Conducted an evaluation to ascertain place and impacts possible within the new organizational structure