Things men can do now to advocate and support women

A major outcome from Ally Training Workshops, is a new awareness of things to do now.

The latest new thing is to read the  Statement on Gender Bias in Student Course Evaluations

One of the discussion items of the October 2013 Workshops  was exploring a list of  "Things men can do now..."

In addition to the items on a handout, the faculty in attendance added the items below to the list.  We thank the allies for recognizing ways they can be proactive and deliberate in their existing roles on campus and appreciate their committment to gender equity in the faculty.

1. Attend presentations by women colleagues. Simply attending a woman colleague's research seminar or other presentation sends a message that you value her contribution and support her work.
2. When opportunity arises, educate students about gender bias.
3. Limit discussion of department business to actual meeting times when women are present.  An example was given that men may continue discussion after a meeting's conclusion as they visit the lavatory- which certainly excludes their female colleagues from the conversation.
4. Establish rotating roles for duties such as taking notes or department minutes or other tasks that may otherwise disproportionately fall to women.