Recruitment of Excellent & Diverse Faculty

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Recruitment of Excellent & Diverse Faculty 

Recruitment with the intent to retain and promote an excellent and diverse faculty are priorities of Lehigh University.
Having a variety of people with different perspectives has been experimentally shown to improve productivity, make groups smarter, enhance decision making, and improve the climate (see citation list). Lehigh ADVANCE is positioned to help transform the university through its emphases on "team" scholarship, via the Cluster Hiring Initiative and many interdisciplinary teaching and research programs and centers, by informing the faculty recruitment process to increase the participation of women and minorities in the professoriate, in STEM, and more broadly.

About Recruitment of Faculty at Lehigh University

Databases and Organizations to Tap the Pipeline for Recruitment

  • GEM
  • PhD Project
  • Minority & Women Doctoral Directory is a registry which maintains up-to-date information on employment candidates who have recently received, or are soon to receive, a Doctoral or Master's degree in their respective field from one of approximately two hundred major research universities in the United States. The current edition of the directory lists approximately 4,500 Black, Hispanic, American, and women students in nearly 80 fields in the sciences, engineering, the social sciences and the humanities.
  • Database of Databases of speakers from diverse backgrounds
  • Programs and Awards. Build your network. Be familiar with programs that produce excellent candidates.