Mentoring Mid Career Faculty

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Faculty mentoring does not end with tenure.  In fact, research suggests women at the mid-career rank of Associate Professor have different challenges than men and this relates to findings of women taking longer than men to be promoted to full professor. At Lehigh, steps to address issues at associate rank are under way.  One path is to work with a mentor or career coach to set short and long term goals.  If the goal is to be promoted to full professor, this plan can be discussed with internal mentors and department chairs.  One resource from the ADVANCE program affords newly tenured women faculty in STEM a grant to work with a mentor, develop an action plan, and receive resources to fund the work that will contribute to excellence and leadership in their field.  It is also important to sustain mentoring relationships that are an asset to the various domains of personal and professional development.

The Leadership Pilot Program is being evaluated by Dr. Jean Russo and showed promise for leveling the playing field in the early post-tenure phase.  The NSF funded Lehigh to lead, adapt and implement the program as MAPWISELY across a family of Patriot League institutions. For information about the 2016-2017 program, please visit MAPWISELY.



Your Mentor Network Map (adapted from WEBS 2011 Workshop materials)- Reflect on the domains in which you desire mentoring and sponsorship.