Career Development and Leadership

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Support the Career Advancement and Leadership Roles of Women STEM faculty

Through Lehigh ADVANCE, improved tenure and promotion success of women STEM faculty will result in a larger pool of senior women at Lehigh to serve as mentors and participate in leadership roles. We anticipate women STEM faculty will experience improved access for and willingness to assume leadership positions at Lehigh.


  1. Facilitate revision of existing tenure and promotion criteria and procedures to insure that faculty involved in interdisciplinary research and teaching are evaluated appropriately.
  2. Leadership and Retention Interviews to assist in developing best practices for mentoring and evaluating women STEM faculty and to address problems encountered by individual faculty.
  3. Workshops for department chairs, center directors, interdisciplinary program directors, college promotion and tenure committees, and senior faculty on best practices in mentoring and evaluating STEM faculty in interdisciplinary research and teaching, focusing on issues for women and other underrepresented groups.
  4. Leadership Development Seminars for senior Lehigh women (associate and full professors) to discuss research and career development issues.
  5. Associate Professor Leadership Development Program: personalize activities which support your definition of leadership aspirations to support promotion to full professor.

Lehigh ADVANCE Small Grants

Lehigh ADVANCE Recruitment Seminar Funds
Lehigh ADVANCE will provide funds to departments and interdisciplinary programs to invite advanced women graduate students and postdoctoral scholars in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) to give seminars and become familiar with Lehigh. Download the application.

Lehigh ADVANCE Grants for Interdisciplinary Collaboration and Leadership
Small grants to help STEM faculty move from discussion of interdisciplinary collaboration and leadership in meetings and seminars to action that has an impact on their careers.

The funds can be used towards travel by Lehigh faculty and visiting scholars to promote interdisciplinary collaboration or for assistance to Lehigh faculty towards tuition and travel to attend a professional leadership program.

Read the Call for Applications for complete eligibility requirements and download the Application Form.