Databases of Diverse STEM Speakers

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Do you need to diversify your invited speakers for different programs? This resource- a database of databases- from the2018 Georgia Tech D&I Fellow project may be a way to help. 

From the main page: 

"Plenaries, keynotes, seminar speakers, and panelists are predominantly white and/or male. This is largely because the organizers are often white and/or male. If you are organizing an event, please consider the diversity of your organizers and speakers. There are underrepresented minority experts in your field. You may not know them, but you should. The goal of our 2018 Georgia Tech Diversity & Inclusion Fellow project is to create a web resource where conference, workshop, and panel organizers can locate diverse STEM experts to speak at their event. The result is the “database of databases” in the table below. If a list doesn’t exist for your field, please consider creating one or encouraging your professional society to do so. A poster compiling our results is here. Thank you for using this database! Please suggest additional databases or send feedback to or Note: help with updates starting April 2019 provided by Prof. Mandy Oglesby-Sherrouse, University of Maryland."