Engineering Leadership Fellowship Program Applications due March 1

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ELATE at Drexel™ is a one year part time Fellowship program designed to support the leadership development of senior women faculty in the fields of academic engineering, science, and technology. This exciting new program has attracted expert facilitators from these fields, and was recently awarded a grant from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation to implement rigorous research on the program’s impact and efficacy.

ELATE at Drexel will be accepting applications for its 2012-2013 fellowship year through March 1, 2012. Take this opportunity now to encourage the women faculty you work with to apply.

Please read the online information very carefully and let the Lehigh ADVANCE office know if you would like to be nominated. ADVANCE can help you through the nomination and application process. The FAQ section of the ELATE web site site is very helpful in sorting out what will be required of the applicant and institution (for example: one week per semester in-residence at Drexel, 10 hours of assignments each week, registration and material fees, release time). The Application Overview section provides the details for applying and the responsibilities and dates for nominators and recommenders. 2012-2013 is the inaugural year; if the program is not a fit for you this coming year, note the program will be offered annually and so it may fit into your career plans in the very near future.

The fellowship will bring together a select group of women leaders to:

* Enhance their skills in organizational change management, team building, and strategic resource management through readings, case studies, and application within their home institutions.

* Build relationships with leaders in their home institutions and across North America as they explore the challenges and rewards of leadership.

* Design and develop Institutional Action Projects that enhance their leadership profiles and the effectiveness of their organizations.

* Develop a rich network of women leaders who will contribute to each other’s continued leadership learning after the fellowship.

For more information on the program and our application process, please visit the ELATE website at , or feel free to contact or (215) 991-8240.