First Cohort of Male Allies for Gender Equity

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On October 3, a team of three faculty from North Dakota State's ADVANCE Forward initiative led a pair of sessions geared at engaging faculty men with increased information about gender in the academy, particularly in STEM,  and concrete tips and strategies that make a difference in the climate towards women.  Lehigh ADVANCE plans to continue to grow this network of faculty men and to also parallel the model of forming an advocate group.  We recognize the first cohort of "Male Allies for Gender Equity":

Bradley Askins, CSE
David Wu, RCEAS
Jeff Sands, BIOS
Augustine Ripa, THEATER
Ken Kodama, EES
Wei-Min Huang, MATH
Rick Blum, ECE
Garth Isaak, MATH
Padraig O'Seaghdha, PSYCH
Floyd Beachum, EDU
Stephen Peters, EES
John Ochs, MEM
James Gilchrist, CHEM E
John Spletzer, CSE
Michael Spear, CSE
Gregory Tonkay, ISE
Ward Cates, EDU
Vince Munley, ECO, DPFA
Henry Odi, VPAD

More information can be found on the "Male Advocates" tab from the main menu.