Lehigh's ADVANCE Men Advocates Announces Mission and Structure

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Creating community across academic departments is the overarching goal of Lehigh ADVANCE. Fostering gender equity within and across departments takes involvement by all faculty, regardless of gender. On September 10-11, 2015, North Dakota State University Forward Male Advocates conducted a workshop designed to build upon the 2013 program about male allyship. The 2015 workshop used research and case studies to focus on building skills and understanding more deeply what makes up climate that leads to differential experiences and outcomes for women STEM faculty compared to men STEM faculty.  At Lehigh University, a group of faculty men agreed to continue the dialogue among Lehigh men to better understand these issues and to advocate for change.  Lehigh ADVANCE Men Advocates, or LAMA, met with the NDSU faculty to talk more about this process and how individual men faculty can level the playing field and strengthen the culture. LAMA will have individual and group actions that are both autonomous and accountable to the goals of ADVANCE.  Keep reading to learn more about the mission, organizational structure, objectives of LAMA, and to meet the first group of Men Advocates at Lehigh.


In support of the goals of LU ADVANCE, our mission is to exert a positive influence, primarily among men, on the campus climate regarding gender equity and fairness at Lehigh University.


Lehigh’s ADVANCE Men Advocates are led by a coordinator selected by the team who sets the agenda for meetings, acts as a liaison to the ADVANCE team, and reports for the group.  The coordinator is assisted by a group member who acts as secretary.  Each active advocate will submit a yearly individual action plan.  We welcome inquiries from men faculty wishing to join us in support of the goals of LU Advance.


a) Promote positive program, department, and college climates through individual actions

b) Develop the skills of advocates, allies, and men faculty through workshops, conversations, reading, and everyday awareness

c) Advocate for actions that support women, such as calling attention to climate and policy issues that affect women negatively and encouraging recognition of achievement

d) Recruit additional advocates and allies

2015-2016 ADVOCATES

William Bulman, History
Kwame Essien,  History and Africana Studies

James Gilchrist, Chemical Engineering
Thomas Hyclak, Economics

Garth Isaak, Mathematics
Augustine Ripa, Theatre, Coordinator
Michael Stavola, Physics, Secretary