New Dual Career Research

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During this week's annual meeting of the American Sociological Association, researchers from Washington State University shared a preview of a new study about the important role dual career programs can play in recruiting women faculty, especially those partnered with men in the academy. The authors of the study, Julie Kmec, a professor of sociology at Washington State University, and Hong Zhang, a doctoral student there, found that female academics more likely than male partners to turn down good academic jobs without a good opportunity for male partner, even when a woman has more stature in academe than her partner does. Read the summary in the August 22, 2016 Inside Higher Ed article. Lehigh University recognizes many faculty members who are being recruited have accomplished partners or spouses who are also seeking employment. Our Faculty Dual Career Assistance Program - Life & DC Connect, is available to assist these highly qualified couples who face the dual career challenge. Consult the FAQ and reach out to the coordinator for more information.