Northeastern Future Faculty Fellowships: Accepting

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Northeastern University invites applications for the 2017-18 Northeastern University Future Faculty Fellowship (Postdoctoral) Program

Northeastern University created the Future Faculty Fellowship (postdoctoral fellowship program) in fall 2012. This program strives to early identify young scholars for postdoctoralstudies and possible consideration for a future faculty position at Northeastern University. Nominations and applications from candidates in all disciplines represented at Northeastern are invited to apply by January 13, 2017.

Northeastern University’s mission emphasizes translational research that addresses global challenges and enhances social wellbeing.  Northeastern University strives to create a vibrant and diverse community, characterized by collaboration, creativity, and unwavering commitment to excellence and an equally unwavering commitment to exhibiting respect for one another.  Northeastern celebrates diversity in all its forms and fosters a culture of respect that affirms inter-group relations and builds community. Full application information can be found: