Percentages of Women on Faculty and Promoted to Full Professor

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ADVANCE at Lehigh aims to increase the numbers of women faculty hired into STEM and to facilitate the advancement of women faculty through full professor. At the start of a new academic year, it is useful to review the progress towards these goals. 

In 2007, 3 years before the ADVANCE IT Grant was Awarded, the percentage of STEM tenure track faculty who were women was 15%. 

In 2010, the year ADVANCE IT started, the percentage of STEM tenure track faculty who were woman was 15%. 

In 2016, the faculty census data indicated 23% of tenure track STEM faculty were women. 

Additionally, in 2010, the percentage of women were were Full Professors in STEM was 10.6%. In 2016, women comprise 16% of Full Professors in STEM.  The figure below shows STEM Tenure Track Faculty Composition by Gender every three years from 2007-2016. With nearly 40% of all STEM assistant professors women, a critical mass, the work to retain, tenure, and promote faculty continues. This is why the ADVANCE Center remains part of the Office of the Provost and Lehigh remains committed to gender equity across the faculty.