Positions Closed: Faculty Dual Career Assistance Program and Consortium

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Lehigh ADVANCE is no longer seeking a Project Manager and Graduate Research Assistant(s) for Lehigh Valley Regional Dual Career Consortium Initiative.

Project Manager

This position will assist with the development and launch of the new Lehigh ADVANCE NSF funded Lehigh Valley Regional Dual Career Consortium Initiative to support recruitment and retention of highly educated professionals from diverse backgrounds, especially those with dual career consdierations. 

Graduate Research Assistant

Lehigh ADVANCE Faculty Dual Career Assistance Program (FDCAP) seeks to immediately place one or two full-time graduate research assistants [for up to 20 hours per week] to fulfill the goals of the Faculty Dual Career Program and newly developed Lehigh Valley Regional Dual Career Consortium Initiative.   The individual or individuals will research best practices of existing dual career programs and consortium models; research and identify regional employers and business as potential consortium members and sponsors; manage the day to day contact needs of members and sponsors as we gain consortium commitments; interface with members about their internal expert lists; establish contacts with member coordinators to facilitate informational meetings for prospective dual career clients; establish and maintain members’ coordinator and expert lists.  This person will work very closely with the ADVANCE program director and manager, the Vice Provost for Academic Diversity, and the Lehigh Valley Regional Dual Career Consortium Leader (Project Manager).

In addition to salary stipend, the graduate research assistant(s) will have the opportunity to work closely with executive decision makers in higher education and the CEOs of the top employers in our region.