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Dr. Nancy Wayne, Associate Vice Chancellor of Research, Professor of Physiology at UCLA, facilitated an interactive workshop "The Need for Self-Promotion" on December 4, 2015.  Part of her "Women Advancing Together" series, the program invited faculty, post-docs and graduate students to learn how self-promotion can be critical to continued career success and to try out specific strategies in a supportive environment. Attendees recognized women and men are socialized differently for this skill set. The participants strongly agreed that the tactics demonstrated were applicable to the real world and would benefit them in the future. Examples of strategies included how to inform colleagues and key gatekeepers of successes (such as a recent publication), inviting youself to give talks, and using "I" statements to describe achievements while still giving credit to collaborators. Additionally, by practicing a succinct "problem-action-results' approach to the elevator speech, attendees learned a template for how to effectively and efficiently network and self-promote that can open the door for recognition and new opportunities.  Finally, university communications and media relations was on hand to share how college and university specialists can be leveraged to highlight and drive positive attention to the acheivements of Lehigh's incredible faculty and student scholars.  Dr. Wayne has over 20 years experience lecturing and leading workshops. She has enlightened, educated, entertained, and transformed the trajectory of people’s careers.  She is a professor and teaches and conducts research at the David Geffen School of Medicine, UCLA.

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