Statement against sexual harassment and misconduct

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In light of the sexual harassment and misconduct incidents and allegations that have arisen at Lehigh and nationally in recent months, the Lehigh ADVANCE Men Advocates and Allies reaffirm our commitment to promote an equitable and inclusive environment at Lehigh University.  We encourage the further development of best practices at Lehigh to address cases of sexual harassment and misconduct when they do occur and for supporting those who come forward.  We hope that all members of the Lehigh community will commit to building and maintaining an environment that is free of discrimination and all forms of harassment or misconduct that negatively affect any member of our community.

As of April 19, 2018  46 faculty men endorse this statement, and their names are listed online:

For faculty wishing to also pledge their endorsement and have their name added to the list, please contact Michael Stavola, Advocate & Ally Coordinator.