TED Talk: Reducing barriers to the contributions of women: Ronda Callister

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More than 500 million women in developing countries are illiterate. Imagine the contributions these women could make if they were educated. In the developing world women face different barriers. Through this TED talk, Ronda Callister helps us recognize our bias and then outlines ways each of us can reduce these barriers.

Ronda Callister is a professor of organizational behavior at Utah State University in the Huntsman School of Business. Her work focuses on organizational conflict and anger, and addresses the workplace and career challenges that university women faculty face.  She became the principal investigator on Utah State University's ADVANCE grant, charged with improving the recruitment, retention and advancement of women faculty in STEM disciplines (science, technology, engineering and math) at her university. This work revealed many challenges. She and her team addressed these challenges by implementing policies, educating hiring committees about unconscious biases, and disseminating seed grants for career transitions and cross-disciplinary research that included women. They documented significant improvements over six years.

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