ADVANCE Director Levine Gives Workshop at NJIT

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Faculty job applications routinely request teaching, research, and service statements as part of the required materials. Around the country, more ads are also requesting that applicants provide a statement about their contributions to diversity, equity and inclusion. The format for this narrative may vary from a portion of the cover letter to a stand alone statement. Dr. Levine was invited to the New Jersey Institute of Technology to deliver a workshop for ~30 graduate students about crafting authentic statements. She explained why these statements exist, what their limits are, and how they are commonly evaluated by search committees. Aligned with NJIT Chief Diversity Officer Dr. Jones' opening remarks, the key take away is that the academy is seeking to hire faculty with competencies in diversity, inclusion and equity which are evident across a portfolio. Graduate students can be authentic in their approach and seek learning opportuntiies whie in graduate school to be competitive on the market.