ADVANCE Writing Accountability Groups for Faculty

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WAGs- Writing Accountability Groups- are a terrific way for faculty to be in groups and some writing done. Many people benefit from the regular and dedicated time to moving writing projects forward.

This Spring semester, 2024, Groups will be Tuesdays at 9 and Fridays at 9am and begin January 30 and February 2, respectively. The location is being confirmed. Zooming in might be possible. 

Bring a computer (don't forget your charger) and/or your other writing essentials.

The agenda is simple:

  • Arrive and complete a brief intro/check in. 
  • Attendees can share a description of their writing project and share with the group a goal for the 45-50 min of writing. Then,  a timer is set and everyone gets to work.
  • At the end of the time, with about 5-10 min left, conduct a check-out.
    • Share how the time went: maybe someone had outstanding challenges and had to pivot their plans, maybe someone made great progress on a literature review, maybe someone rearranged and edited their citations, or edited graphs, or started their op-ed for a newspaper, or wrote and rewrote and deleted 5 sentences the whole time.
    • Share what new/similar goal(s) you have during the interval before the next meeting.