Upcoming Faculty Success and Development Programs

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The ADVANCE Center continues to co-organize and convene programs to educate and support faculty and academic leaders for success. See what's coming in Spring

Inclusive Excellence in Teaching: January 18-19, 2022. This program continues the 5 year tradition of supporting teaching colleagues of all ranks as they develop inclusive teaching practices. From the why and who and how, come together with a learning mind, and take away tools to help all students belong and thrive in Lehigh's classrooms. 

SpeakUp! Intervening in moments of bias in real world work-situations is tough for many people. In Feburary around 15-17  (final dates and times to be determined), we will offer several faciliated sessions to experience and practice (through live actors) strategies of being a more effective interrupter (will be over zoom).

Lessons from Plants, Dr. Beronda Montgomery: More details to come; we are saving Feb 24-25 for Dr. Montgomery's visit to Lehigh!

Mentor Training- Are you a faculty who mentors researchers? undergrad, grad, post-doc or early career? Are you an early career faculty or someone seeking an external training grant? A 6-part interactive workshp series from February through April based on the CIMER 'Entering Mentoring" program is coming this spring. Completers receive a certificate and a celebration, limited space available.