Writing Accountability Groups Will Form in Spring

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During Fall 2019, ADVANCE launched a pilot "WAG" or Writing Accountability Group. This meets the objectives of ADVANCE supporting faculty women's careers, while simultaneously pulling levers of institutional transformation for policy and process. Several expressed interest and gathered at the start of the semester in order to define the scope and frequency of the program which would be of value to the particpiants. Ultimately six faculty women met every other week for an hour. At first, they used the structure of checking in with a set of goals for the session, writing for about 30-40 min, and checking out by stating the progress they made and setting new goals. Most of the time, though, they gathered, said hello and wrote. How does this impact faculty productivity? Not everyone had one major project they worked on for this time; and for some people, they worked a little on project a and a little on project b. Further, there are several intangible benefits to gathering in a group to write, and those are listed below, too. We look forward to establishing new WAG group or groups, this semester. Announcements of invitation to the SpringWAG went out to the LU-WISE faculty list. We will form a group with at least three people who can meet at a common time. 

Impacts on Writing Projects-Progress during the semester:

  • 6 grant proposals/applications (2 drafted for early Spring2020 submission, 3 submitted, 1 submitted and accepted)
  • 5 journal articles (one accepted, four in review)
  • revisions on book (submitted)
  • 3 book chapters (submitted)
  • substantial progress on a major writing project (not categorized)

Intangible Benefits:

  • appointment on the calendar as important as other meetings
  • away from typical distractions
  • friendly peer pressure to stay focused
  • easier to pick up where I left off and keep multiple things going
  • multi-disciplinary group sharing and caring about others’ research/writing projects
  • support and solidarity = community