Associate Professors Apply for Mentored Leadership Development Plan

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Lehigh ADVANCE is now accepting proposals from all recently tenured and promoted women associate professors (first three years) and STEM women (through the fifth year) who are interested in developing a two-year mentored plan of funded work to effectively demonstrate leadership in ways that make individual sense for optimum career success and satisfaction.

This pilot program is based on surveys and focus groups that highlight STEM women faculty at Lehigh do not equate the achievement of leadership solely with assuming a university administrative position.  Rather, they subscribe to a broader interpretation of leadership that includes the attainment of prominence in research, scholarship, teaching and service within their professional disciplines. Thus, by financially and institutionally (through the internal mentor, ADVANCE, and Deputy Provost for Faculty Affairs) supporting women on the path to full professor in this way, the recently tenured faculty will have access to develop skills or scholarship in ways meaningful to their personal career trajectories.

The program enables qualifying female faculty to choose a mentor and with that mentor develop, monitor, and execute a resourced plan of action which will facilitate the realization of individual leadership aspirations to support an overall plan to pursue promotion to full professor. Your mentor should be familiar with the requirements for promotion to full professor for your research area; for some people two mentors may make the most sense.

The budget should be in the range of $3000-$4000 per year for two years. Proposals  (1-3 pages) should be submitted to Janele Krzywicki ( Details about the program, expectations, evaluation, and allowable uses for funds can be found under the Leadership Tab, or by contacting Deputy Provost for Faculty Affairs. We aim to be flexible, so if you have a question or idea, please ask.  Also, some participants in the first cohort are open to sharing their proposals.