International Affairs ADVANCES Faculty Careers

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During the March 19, 2013 lunchtime roundtable discussion about Campus Resources for Faculty, Dr. Mohamed El-Aassar, Vice President for International Affairs provided an overview of the opportunities this office can facilitate.  Faculty can travel abroad through numerous programs or invite international counterparts to Lehigh. Trips abroad may require additional planning, but the staff of International Affairs can assit with logistics and funding.  International collaboration is a route to broadening scholarly networks and being viewed as a leader in your field.  One example in STEM includes a partnership with East China University of Science and Technology which will be the host for the June 3-5 2013  "NSF International Conference on STEM Cell Differenctiation: The Influence of Biomaterials and Biomechanics" organized by Professors Jedlicka, Ou-Yang, and Vavylonis. For more details on international opportunities, please review this handout and contact International Affairs.