Speaking Up: How Bystanders Can Change the Conversation about Social Bias

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Event Date: 
Tuesday, February 23, 2021 - 9:30am to 4:30pm

As part of the suite of faculty professional development programs to support inclusive equity, join us to  experience:


Speaking Up: How Bystanders Can Change the Conversation about Social Bias


February 23  9:30am-12:00 pm


February 23 2:00pm-4:30pm


Interactive Workshop Description

Ever wondered “Why didn’t I say something?” after witnessing social bias—a stereotype, a prejudice or

discrimination— that happened in your everyday life? Deciding whether and how to respond to bias is

complicated. Understanding what motivates us to speak up, the challenges we face when doing so, and

strategies for effective responding can help bystanders to bias better evaluate their options and select

effective strategies. In this web-based interactive workshop, attendees will first learn about bystander reactions to

social biases and how these reactions can help or hinder decisions to speak up. Building on this

understanding, participants will learn key strategies for speaking up that invite reflection and dialogue.

Attendees will then be invited to apply these concepts to everyday incidents of bias through facilitated

interaction and discussion.


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Sponsored and Supported by:
Office of the Provost, Lehigh ADVANCE, Office of Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity


This program is facilitated by The UNH PowerPlay team and Dr. Stephanie Goodwin of Incluxion Works, Inc.


PowerPlay Interactive Development — an entrepreneurial program of the University of New

Hampshire, is a professional applied theatre company. We create unique training models for a

diverse group of clients across the country. Our dynamic interactive model utilizes applied

theatre techniques to safely engage participants in challenging conversations around bias,

harassment, communication, collaboration, and leadership. PowerPlay has engaged in an

extensive collaboration with Dr. Goodwin in the development and execution of this program.


Incluxion Works, Inc.— founded by Stephanie A. Goodwin, Ph.D.--brings diversity science

to bear on DEI strategy. Incluxion Works partners with organizations around the country to

effect evidence-based institutional change. An elected Fellow of the Society of Experimental

Social Psychology, Dr. Goodwin has 20+ years of experience in higher education as a scientist,

educator, and academic leader with expertise in diversity and inclusion science, faculty development,

and academic affairs. Her “Speaking Up” workshops have promoted dialogue to improve organizational

culture and reduce identity harassment at 30+ universities and professional societies across the US.